The Weeknd Invites Drake to Surprise Hometown Show In Toronto

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The Weeknd and fellow Torontonia,n Drake crossed paths once again at a home town show on Friday Night (May 26th) at the notable Air Canada Centre for The Weeknd’s Legend Of The Fall tour.

Following The Weeknd’s performances of “I Feel It Coming” and “Can’t Feel My Face”, Drake reportedly appeared at the back of the dark stage underneath the “Starboy Starship” jet overhead lighting rig, which made The Weeknd’s sold out audience scream in excitement.

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The 13 record setting 13 award winning Billboard Music Award winner stoke The Weeknd’s spotlight during his show when he entertained the audience with a few jokes and interaction.

“I just want to know, is the greatest city in the world in the motherf*cking building tonight?” Drake says.

“Yes, or no?” he says as he waited for the audience to roar.

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“I came out here for one reason and one reason only: to support one of the most important artists of this generation.” He expresses, embracing the crowds loud applause. “He goes by the name of The Weeknd. We started this OVO XO sh*t together, and we can never let it die.”

Drake then called on his friend and OVO crew member, Baka to join him on stage. “We need to do it like Las Vegas,” he continued, before the two began performing their latest new single “Gyalchester” from More Life.

“And there you have it, the greatest city in the motherf—in’ world,” Drake concluded.

During Drakes performances, The Weeknd was standing – and dancing – on the side of the main stage, allowing Drake to have his moment in spot light. The two shared a big hug after the performance, to which The Weeknd said goodbye to Drake as he exited the stage.

The Weeknd is currently touring his third studio album “Starboy” across Canada.

View the original tweet made by The Weeknd below: